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GPU-Z is graphics sub-system information and monitoring utility that provides information on installed graphics hardware, their various specifications, provides real-time updates on their parameters such as clock-speeds, temperatures, fan-speeds, etc., all in a neat, tabbed user-interface, backed by our overclock validation system and an extensive video card BIOS database.

? Added support for Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, GT 330, GT 315, GT216 based ION.
? Added support for AMD HD 5670 (Juniper), Mobility HD 5430, Mobility 4200, Mobility 4100.
? Added PowerColor hardware giveaway.
? Added die size measurement for Nvidia GF100.
? Added option to GPU-Z's system menu to show temperatures in °F.
? Fix for BIOS reading on ATI.
? Fixed decimal points in ADT7473 reading.
? Fixed crash on GeForce 8300 IGP.
? Added clock monitoring for RS780 variants.
? Improved clock monitoring for ATI R6xx architecture.

Download this file in our downloads section.

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