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Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Right you are sir, also your ip address is linked on competitive sites...

The workaround...get a new cd key, release ip and obtain another, use a different ethernet port (to change MAC address) or get a new ethernet card, register new name on league and install cod4 with new key and obtain new GUID.

CoD4 is still one of the most played games in European Esports and is still booming in leagues like Enemy Down, ESL and clanbase as well as UK LAN's such as Multiplays i series. There hasnt been a FPS game since CoD4 that can be modded and used in competition with such balance...i hope Black Ops can change that but will have to see.
Agreed. MW2 was a let down for competitive play.

Why would you have to change your MAC? That shouldn't be visible to anyone externally. And IP banning is pointless nowadays since practically no one has a static IP.
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