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Originally Posted by Logical View Post
The Punksbusted master player index lists all players and ips they have joined servers from, league admins use this to cross reference ip's they have logged onto the league with. In the Clanbase league they use a 3rd party program called XAC (xray anti cheat) which will take random screenshots of the game when its running. XAC also records ip adresses and mac addresses (or operating system ID's) and uploads that to a server where the public can check for hacks.

Here's mine

The 'Hardware: user has 1 machine' is the part where they take MAC address or OS ID.
Ahh interesting, didn't know some sites logged MAC addresses too.

Of course if you have a router, you can always just fake a new external MAC. You can do the same with a MAC changer (I had to use a MAC changer so I can register my 360 with my campus network hehe).
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