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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
That BD Rebuilder worked perfectly! Thanks for that info! It took the disk and let me rip it down to a full uncompressed single 44 gig file.
If you just want uncompressed video use Tsmuxer. Just put the corresponding blu ray playlist file into tsmuxer and let it rip to a single m2ts file. Or it can let you keep it as one file in a movie only blu ray structure for disc burning. It has been an invaluable tool.

With backing up your own movies the only troubles you will have will be subtitle related. Digital subtitles are a pain the butt. I usually burn them into the video by running the movie playlist(dragged and dropped like with tsmuxer) into avs video converter(with the correct subtitle enabled) and let it encode at a ridiculous bitrate then mux (tsmuxer again!) the 5.1 audio with the high bitrate file THEN let bdrebuilder do it's thing. This may not work with some movies but if you use XBMC you can get srt subtitles somewhere and sync it up with the movie and you are good to go.

District 9 is an example of a big pain in the butt to back up. Video and audio work great but you have to get SRT subtitles. I finally figured that out.

This has been WAAAY more convenient than running the blu ray. No trailers, no crap, just play. My blu ray discs can collect dust now for all I care. Right now I stream my movies to my living room hdtv(an old 65" 1080i behemoth) and the basement projector. Using joy2key I mapped each media center pc to work flawlessly with my xbox controllers. I just start up the pc and it goes straight to xbmc. I had to create a batch file that would delay xbmc's startup so it would work properly whenever I fired up the pc, so now I finally have everything seemless.

I got the Wizard of Oz blu ray now. Off to encode.....
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