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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
thanks for the info. I'll definately give 9 gigs a shot for the next one I rip. (probably the Life series)

And do an A/B Comparison between the disk and the rip.

Next question... both my 1TB drives will be full tomorrow and I'm probably not even half way done!!

I'm looking at 2 TB drives and the black caviar is honestly too expensive for pure data storage IMO. I've read that the WD green's have the "head parking" that can cause premature drive failure and/or skipping during video playback.

The Samsung F3 2Tb drive has a lot of favorable reviews and I recall that the F1 and F2 both also had excellent reviews. It's also pretty fairly priced.
Be careful with 2 terrabyte drives. I have 2 hitachi drives and I had to RMA twice to get one of them to work. ( ) I don't know about the other drives that much. Don't get performance drives just something stable.

If you want to ensure perfect 1080p I would encode at maybe 11 or 12 gigs and allow the audio to encode as well. I would probably stick with dvd 9 size, but depending on enthusiast in you you will need to experiment a lot to find your perfect medium. Mine was 4 gigs at 720p. It takes a long time to fill up 4 terrabytes with that.
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