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Default Could the login time possibly be extended server side?

OK, I'm done. I went to reply to this thread twice

Both times the server logged me out from the time I logged in, to the time I posted due to some automatic watchdog logout for inactivity bit. I'm at the point I'm kind of tired of typing the same thing multiple times, and am just too lazy, to do it a third time.

Now I know some might be suggesting to have it add the cookie (keep me logged in, checked), but I'm not on my own computer, and rather not do this on someone elses. Too many times in the past had I fogot to clear cookies from public or other people's computers, only to get bit in the arse latter on. One such time, my email address got stored, and I started getting other people's reply mail, as they didn't set their own. I got such missives as the guy's reply from his irate ex-girlfriend when she broke up with him, etc. Now on the forum here, this couldn't happen, but someone else posting as one's self (with all it could entail) coudl happen if one cookies a computer that is not one's own.

Is it possible to not have such a short watch dog running, or not log one out quite so soon? I kind of hate typing the same thing more then once, 2 times and lost, umm that's where I'm a bit at the point of frustration wrt even wanting to continue with it
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