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Default Re: What's yer phone?

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
They do indeed. The older models do not but the new ones with a speaker; the PSP300X+'s. They have wifi and a built in mic with skype, a browser, radio stations, comics and PSN demos and junk. I'm finally able to run most homebrew apps and emulators too. I have a subscription with Skype that give me a phone number for people to call and world wide calling for less than $80 bucks a year.
That's pretty cool.

Verizon has a Skype app, but they gimped it. It only works on 3G, not WiFi, which makes it completely useless if you want to make international calls. That's the primary reason I'd want to use it since Verizon phones are pretty much useless outside the US and Canada.
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