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Default Re: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition LeChuck's Revenge E3 2010 Debut Trailer

Man, they really slaughtered this game in my opinion so far. The removed the intro completely and didn't even replace it, it just goes right from Guybrush and Elaine hanging to Guybrush telling the story on Scabb Island. The iMuse is indeed missing and the music transitions are often abrupt and crappy, though sometimes they fade nicely (not as nicely as the iMuse blending though).

More to the point though, the art looks naff if you ask me. The original remake seemed like more of an improvement, maybe because the original game looked worse, or because it was a neat idea... I don't know. Here though everything looks blurry and quickly painted... I booted up the original in ScummVM and personally I think that is the better version, though I wish it had voice.

Oh well.
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