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Default Re: glxgears needs 100% cpu since update to 256.35

Thanks, Ragnara. I took a look at the source code for Conky, and it's a bit convoluted, but it does look like it could be triggering this behavior. The problem is that it's requesting to be notified whenever any application renders to the root window, which includes all normal windows. This turns on some tracking code that causes OpenGL to notify the X server every time it displays a frame. For most applications, this is fine, but for a toy app like glxgears that renders hundreds or thousands of frames per second, it can use a lot of CPU time.

The problem is that the driver can't tell the difference between an app that doesn't really care that glxgears is being rendered, and an application like x11vnc that does care. Please try configuring conky with the --disable-xdamage option at compile time.
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