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Default Re: Android destroys iOS4 in Java

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I'm telling you people, Flash on mobile devices is not going to be a super pleasant experience - at least without some selective blocking support like FlashBlock for Firefox. I've already got Flash Lite on my Droid Incredible. It's not the greatest thing in the world. Most sites that DO load that have Flash were certainly not designed to be navigated with fingers. And the Flash ads are already a pain in the ass and drag down the browser. Also, full flash is going to hurt battery life which already struggles against the iPhone.

It certainly isn't going to be the end of the world. It is nice. It's a good feature. But depending on what sites you frequent, it could be a royal pain in the ass.

Just my two cents.

If you see the 2 videos (with/without flash), you will notice that the two are almost comparable even with Froyo running with flash and Froyo takes the lead without flash.

Given that sites load up in a jiffy on my iPhone 4, color me quite impressed.

The iPhone 4 is significantly faster than the 3G in pretty much everything by 2-4x, from my personal experience and, side by side with the 3GS, it is also faster in many things and just plain smoother.

V/s Evo, I have noticed the Evo to be on par in many situations or, faster with 4G enabled. Oddly, HD YouTube videos load faster on Evo than regular videos on my ip4. Note, I have not yet tried with the mobile YouTube site which allows me to watch HD videos in a very clean format (I like the layout a lot more than the default YT app).

It does seem like Google is toning down it's development of many apps for the iPhone which saddens me
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