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Default iPhone Bumper Case - Things to know

I just received my case today (it took over TWO weeks for it to arrive after the initial order).

A few things to note.


Fit and finish are awesome. The case is indeed a looker. Protection for sides is excellent, but the top/bottom are exposed so drop on un-even surfaces or edges at your own convenience.

There is not much added bulk or weight to the phone so it retains it's overall fit/finish, although you can no longer see the metal sides. I personally liked the look of that

The top and volume buttons are very well handled. The buttons on the case are themselves metal and feel just as clicky.

There is hardly any give on the bumper so like I said, fit/finish is pretty nice.


Well, first of all, this thing is NOT worth $29 bucks. I am currently waiting for my notification on when the Element Vapor comes out.

This is worth MAYBE 5 or 10 bucks. I am hoping the Element or the Loop comes out soon so I can return this thing.

While the fit and finish is pretty awesome, there IS a little give when you squeeze the phone real tight.

Now, here is my BIGGEST pet peeve. The issue is that the cut-out for the connector at the bottom fits only a few devices. Fortunately my car-dock works perfectly, but my cables at home, only 1 fits (I have 1 in the bedroom, 1 connected to my main system and 1 in the living room which was part of my car-kit, also have 1 at work but that fits).

The cutout appears to only fit Apple branded cables and that is absolute CRAP. A mm or so more on each side would make this almost universally accepting but it seems there is some shrewd marketing employed here.

I am very tempted to grab a drill and just slot out the hole a little more. Absolutely pathetic design decision by Apple given that they are already gouging customer's on this thing as a result of the whole death-grip crap.

Bolded for emphasis.

Bottom-line, will be fine as a temporary case but not worth it and there are far better cases out there.


Update to my little thingamejigger.

I RMA'd the "case" a day or so after acquisition.

It sucks, nothing works with it unless it is specifically Apple branded, even if it is an Apple licensed, Apple store bought product, which means you HAVE to buy new power connectors and many car-docks will no longer work. If you use it in your office for music streaming purposes, your speakers headphone connector will likely not work unless you go out there and purchase an adapter.

Essentially, it turns this already RIDICULOUSLY priced "case" from $29 bucks to $50-60 or more and adds far more trips to stores and essentially makes obsolete a lot of perfectly working components you may already have. My car dock was about $70 and it works fine. I am not going to off-load it.

**** you Apple and **** your stupid piece of **** case. You can take it and shove it up your ass.

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