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Default Re: Sniper - Ghost Warrior

I finally got the full version from amazon, and I like it, I am only at the start where the demo's first level is and the section right before that was kind of lame. It's not sniper, stealth, it's more of a run and gun to get to the truck. Not really what I was expecting from a game called sniper. Also it has some weird bugs, I ran into the guy guarding the truck I was suppose to hide in, but as I switched my weapon to the handgun to kill him I he turned around and I guess I hit the trigger for the sequence, and skipped killing him but hid in the truck even though he was looking right at me right before I went in lol. The first time I ran it it gave me an invalid key message, but is fine after the first run.

I was looking around but I guess there is no FOV fix for the game. It's making me a bit nauseous so I can't play it much at all till someone can come up with a fix. It's weird but the demo didn't affect me that much but then again I guess it was because I didn't play it that long.

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