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Default Re: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition LeChuck's Revenge E3 2010 Debut Trailer

Okie, I've finished recording, encoding and uploading my imuse comparisons. I recorded 6 different versions of the music you hear in Woodtick from these sources:
360 classic mode
PC classic mode (I skipped PS3 classic mode as it sounds literally the same as PC)
Original game in ScummVM - Here's the video. (video is still encoding, but it should be in full quality in less than an hour)

360 version is the only version with zero imuse. The songs will just instantly switch between eachother. PS3 and PC seems to have the same implementation of imuse, which is similar to the original just less dynamic and with shorter transitions. Classic mode imuse is hit and miss, at its best it's as good as the imuse in the special edition music in the PS3 or PC version. At its worst, it's like the 360 version (no transitions).

The original game's version of imuse is undoubtly superior. Much more dynamic and each transition sounds better. Although I have to say the transitions in the special edition isn't bad, it's just too short. At least much better than no transitions at all.
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