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Default Re: Make P&R an opt-in Group Membership?

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I would say yes it would be nice to be able to not see Obama crying threads in the new posts search for the next few years.
Not to say too, too much, but 4 years ago some said the same from the other side of the fence

But in all seriousness, about the only place I could see this comming up is the new posts section. And yeah I'm aware some forums do have an opt in discussion group for P&R, so it is doable. By a like token (and perhaps outside that list, has anyone been bothered?), I do think a little self control can also come in handy. AKA if one knows they're going to be bothered, exercising choice on whether to click or not click. By a like token, some have chosen to not click on the babe thread or whatever other provided links might be of question while at work.

On that token, I did find it funny how my maternal grandmother used to watch shows on cable that fell in the more riske side then was common when she was growing up (she was born in 1902), and she'd sit there saying "see that? Terrible, how can they show this", as she'd sit there commenting about and mentioning all the stuff being shown.

So my father once asked "so why are you watching it?" She looked at him completely shocked he'd have thought of such a question. Both my parents concluded she secretly enjoyed the showing of skin on cable, but growing up in the Victorian era, she couldn't quite come out and admit that
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