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Question activate and setup framebuffer after loading kernel


is it possible to activate and setup (configure) an framebuffer device after loading kernel (without dealing with kernel command line parameters)?

I need this, because i am provide images for my small embedded distribution with included intel/ati/nvidia graphic drivers. the right driver to load Xorg will be loaded from Xorg - this works very good. But i need an framebuffer based splash screen at boot. With KMS i dont have problems to show the splash on ATI/Intel graphic based Hardware. Only with the NVIDIA driver i must set vga= parameters to the kernel in the bootloader config. I want that the Users must not setup the bootloader, so i need an solution to activate and setup Framebuffer from userspace (before the splash starts) to the right resolution for any TV.

is there an way? (AFAIK the nouveau KMS drivers dont works with nvidias binary graphic drivers :-( )
greetings, Stephan

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