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Default Re: Make P&R an opt-in Group Membership?

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
Over @ r3d, the P&R is big like it is over here. But if you're not inclined to be a part of it (many aren't just as many are), you can simply not select to join it. Just go to User CP, group memberships, and there's a check box for P&R forum. If checked, you can see it, if not, you can't. It's really simple and easy.

I'd like to see that implemented here, not because of dislike for our P&R forum, but because r3d demonstrates that it can be a simply executed Choice, and I like that.

Your thoughts?
I think I suggested this a year or two ago because OSNN has it as an opt-in.

One side-effect is that it WILL reduce some of the newer people from joining it by default, because it is harder to see opt-in options.
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