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Default Re: 95% CPU usage with driver 256.35 ?!!

Originally Posted by StringCheesian View Post
In an attempt to reproduce your problem, I:
1. ran `eselect opengl set xorg-x11`
2. restarted xorg
3. logged into KDE 4.4.4 (same version as you)
4. made sure compositing was disabled
5. verified that my /var/log/Xorg.0.log looks like yours
6. ran htop

CPU usage according to htop varied between 0% and 2.5% in both cores.

gentoo ~amd64 (not funtoo)
gentoo-sources 2.6.34-r1
nvidia-drivers 256.35
xorg-server (you're running
Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (2.4GHz, very similar to your CPU)
GeForce 9600GT

I still think your wacky configuration (nvidia driver without glx) is one of the roots of your problem, but it must not be the only cause.
Actually now I'm running xorg-server and have a GeForce 8800GTX.

One big difference is that I use a hardened kernel ver 2.6.32 which doesn't allow the glx module to run code on the stack (which is the way I set it to not allow that).
Since the Nvidia driver is closed source, the open source community can't see if there are any other security risks so I don't use the glx module.

It could be the hardened kernel or that your using a newer kernel but that doesn't explain why Nvidia driver ver 195.36.24 seems to work ok.

Anyway I plan to start using the nouveau driver when it works with dual-link LCD monitors so I won't have to depend on Nvidia closed drivers.
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