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Default Re: 3D Vision on Dell Alienware 1920x1080_120 (Linux)

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Stereo Mode 10 should work with the Alienware AW2310, a supported card, and the GeForce 3DVision kit + DIN cable.

However, there's currently a bug that prevents the display from actually getting 120 Hz. If you set 120 Hz with this configuration you'll actually get 100 Hz. This will be fixed in the next released 256.xx driver. (The 256.29 beta driver does not have this fix.)
I'm using the 256.35 driver with the Alienware monitor and can still only get 100Hz. I used nvidia-settings to write out the xorg.conf file after choosing 1920x1080@120Hz so I imagine the xorg.conf file is all in order. Danix, do you know if this fix got pushed back to a later driver update?

Stereo works for me but it's a bit flickery at 100Hz.
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