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Yup, for a 550 mhz processor that's a pretty good score. On my Duron 750 with a GF3 I used to get around 3000 3dmarks. Fillrate seems much better now, especially in the single-texture tests. Looks like you got a REAL FX5200 card now.

Oh, and how do you get 3dmark2001se to work with DirectX9? Mine always complains that it needs DX8.1 installed. I'd like to compair my GF4ti's bandwidth to yours and see what the difference is.

Oh, and if you don't play many games, the 64 megs of memory shouldn't effect you too much. I think there's only a few out now that even benefit from the extra 64 megs of ram. Though for a developer I guess it would be nice if you have memory leaks or something
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