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Default Re: TF2 - Engineer Update today

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
There are just a random drop.

They do nothing more than turning people who they frag, into golden statues.

But since it is a limited drop, everyone wants one.

I know I still want the Apple Mac headsets. Those are sweet. A lot of people want my Primeval Warrior badge as well
Well, when you craft, you have a chance to get them, which is what Valve said, but that's not true. Alright read:
Valve said you have a chance to get the wrench anytime in the next 3 days and it's random. People decided to craft everything in their backpacks away for it, me including. After a day, some people crafted once and got the wrench, just one craft and they were lucky. It was later found out that a valve employee released the predetermined times for the drops of the wrenches out. Once the time expired, the next incoming craft would get the wrench. Drunken f00l, a community hero and hated for the idler program, was one of the people. He was called by the game's owner, the owner's home phone and they talked about what he did, and that he was getting a vac ban, and the wrench removed. Since then a lot more people have gotten vac bans for finding out the predetermined times, and crafting at that time.

If you care, read this FAQ by drunken f00l

Anyways, the golden wrench is nothing that what he said.
And you can't get the mac headphones anymore, you had to log into a mac and play the game once until June 14th I think or something like that, anyways, it's over. I got one though, and i don't even have a mac.

Update is out, new gun. This should be fun, although the land grab achievement isn't what I thought it would be But still no time to think about that.
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