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Default Re: 95% CPU usage with driver 256.35 ?!!

Originally Posted by konst View Post
Since the Nvidia driver is closed source, the open source community can't see if there are any other security risks so I don't use the glx module.
Do you seriously believe that nvidia's glx is responsible for the majority of the security holes you're worried about, and that the rest of nvidia driver is relatively safe? If you have reason to believe that, then I guess using nvidia's driver without nvidia's glx could be rational. If you're merely guessing or hoping that is the case, then there is nothing rational about your configuration.

If you don't trust code that can't be inspected by the open source community, then it's silly to use nvidia's driver at all. Using nvidia's driver without its glx component still violates your own security principals.

If you're willing to make an exception for part of the nvidia driver, then you might as well make an exception for the entire driver including the glx part of it. That way you would enjoy fewer bugs with a better tested configuration.
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