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GeForce MX 2??
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Default Re: Good detective work

Originally posted by puterguy
You are right about VertRefresh (and about my having an LCD as my profile shows
Setting it to 60 Hz does resolve the black line question.

But... I still have a couple of questions:
2. I'm still not sure why starting another video first also "solves" the problem, since this should not effect the refresh rate. What is going on?

3. Won't setting refresh to 60Hz (rather than the 75Hz max of my LCD) adversely affect fast moving action like games?

Any other thoughts on next steps?

2) Maybee because problem is only with video accelerated using overlay and your card/driver combination can't use two overlays ...

3) You mean you need 75 fps ? Really ? I though quake stop at 50 fps because noone see difference ... and TV's and DVD's have 30 fps or 24 fps and even in fastest scenes it seem enough.
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