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Default Re: What's most important to you with regards to GTX 460?

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
It's a littel sad when I have to bump a thread like this.

I have similar threads posted @ [H], rage3d and techpowerup, and comparatively speaking they're lighting up like pinball machines compared to here.

As the $200-ish price point is so popular, this is a significant product release, and I'd like to hear from more than just the rumor mill inhabitants on this.
I'm assuming that since this is an "enthusiast" forum most here are in the marker for ~$500 cards

I, for one, am very excited about GTX 460! it fits right into the sweet spot for me. critical attributes are (not in any particular order) price, performance, price to performance ratio, heat, and noise. I'm obviously basing this tentative conclusion off of rumors, so we'll see how things actually stand on the 12th...

edit: forgot what is arguably the most important reason, DirectX 11 support!
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