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Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
I've been running my chip on 3.2 since I got it, with not tweaking to anything but the multi and fsb. Since I got the Corsair H5O, I've been wanting to up it to 3.6. Do I need to up anything else but the core voltage? My mem runs on 2.1v, and can clock well enough.
if you can run @ 3.2 on stock voltage (i wish) you shound be able to hit 3.6 with a vcore bump. up it a bit run Intel Burn Test or stress tool of your choice. if its not stable keep upping the vcore bit by bit untill it's stable.

you shouldnt have to raise any other voltages. are you going to be using the 9x multi or 8x? 9x400 would be your best be i think. i use 8x, but thats because i cant get stable @ 9x400, i need over 1.7v and thats even too much on water so i run 8x450 for 3.4 ghz ...
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