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Question Mandrake 9 and nVidia drivers

OK. This is where I'm at now...

I tried installing from the source rpm and I get a message stating that is can not find a file or directory and will not rebuild the src rpm.

I tried to install from the tar ball and I get a huge list of errors (so many that it scrolls past the viewable screen)

I tried using the older kernel and GLX drivers for mandrake 8.2 single processor and I get an error stating that the kernel module failed to load.

I edited my XF86Config-4 file to show "nvidia" under the drivers section rather than "nv" and changed Load "glx" to point to the file located in the X11R6 file (can't remember the specific path off hand since I'm not currently in front of my Linux system atm)

So to wrap it up...

the src rpm for the kernel doesn't rebuild leaving me with out that option.

The tar file will not make install due to several errors

The older mandrake 82 files install, but the kernel will not load with X and it drops out to command line.

Any ideas?

The only reason why I'm even bothering with the install, since the OS will work without it, is because after upgrading to mandrake 9.0 from 8.2 I discovered that my copy of the unreal tournament 2003 demo will not load. It tells me, when I use the graphical link to load the game, that it can not find the program. When I use the command line, I get an error stating that it can not find a matching GLX to use.
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