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Default Re: What's most important to you with regards to GTX 460?

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
I think this is the wrong board for people to really get alot out of a release like this.... most of us were running older / powerful cards or have recently upgraded to 5870 / 480 / 5850 / 470 cards so between the people with new cards and the people getting older last-gen high end cards there isn't much of a market in the $200 segment with people like us.
You're right but you're wrong.

As this is an NVIDIA fansite, people in all different stages of PC gamer demographics enjoy this place. It's just that anymore, people want to talk about their high-end stuff so much that it pretty much drowns out anyone talking performance segment or mainstream, as if they're irrelevant, when actually that couldn't be farther from the truth, as the enthusiast market is the niche, and the performance segment is much closer to the bread and butter that is the budget segment, and is very likely more lucrative to NV/ATI than the enthusiasts are.

It's been this way for a long time though... and it's unfortunate, because a guy with an HD 5750 should be able to come here or wherever and talk about how he enjoys the experience the card gives him, and he should b able to post some benchmark results etc and actually have people interested in that data, that want to actually discuss it. .... This can't really happen any more, partially because of the pricing disparity that basically makes it look to the unwashed masses like "If teh $600 HD 5970 r0xx0rz, then the $300 GTX 470 must suxx0rz, and any card sellign for $200 must ub3r suxx0rz". ... Too bad that's not the case. Well, those who know have plenty of fun with their bang-for-the-buck hardware. It sure would be nice to have a few of that kind of person around here so I don't feel so damn lonely when I post something about Phenom X4, GTX 465 or HD 5830.

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