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Default since driver update problem with eve-online and color depth (16/24bit)

Hello together!

since some time i noticed that if i start eveonline in a explorer desktop window, with for ex. wine explorer /desktop=0,1680x1050 "C:\\Program Files\\CCP\\EVE\\eve.exe"

my problem is now -> i can not switch in the game eveonline client to the 16bit windowmode (only 24bit are available) !

My Linux Gnome Desktop are running in a 1680x1050 24bpp mode. But if i start the game in fullscreen, i can switch then into 16bit and any resolution. (its weird)

i dont now since when this happend, because i updated the nvidia driver and the wine version at the same time. i dont know if the nvidia driver or the wine package are responsible for this.

It is possible to get this resolution or color depth back with some hack?

did somebody else notice that, or maybe have the same problem?

i need the resolution and color change to get more performance and to run more then one eveonline client.

my system:
suse x64 11.2
wine 1.2-rc5
nvidia 8600 gt
gnome as xserver with resolution 1680x1050 and 24bit

some ideas? or suggestions?

thanking you in anticipation,
Live and let live
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