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Default Re: What's most important to you with regards to GTX 460?

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
At certain points the $200 market was HUGE and VERY well represented here at nvnews. GF3 ti200 and GF4 ti4200 attracted swarms of people in this price segment. Things cooled off during Geforce FX days UNTIL the 5900XT showed up. That card took off like a rocket in these parts. That momentum mostly carried over to the 6800NU, and I think that's when the $200 segment has gone through a steady and consistent slump as far as market impact.

It appears as though NVIDIA wants this market demographic to become more pronounced and impactful again. Amen to that, I'm down with it.
Oh, I agree, that is a huge market.

It's just that its been heavily populated recently by older GTX 285's, 280's, etc... to the point where I doubt the 460 will look attractive because it won't perform as well as the "old" higher end cards.

For example. The GTX 465 was recently released, you'd know, you own one. I compared the benchmarks and honestly it's a great card, but the performance is almost identical in most games compared to a GTX 285. Having snatched that card used half a year ago for less than the $280 they were asking (at the time) for a 465 I largely saw it as a wasted price-bracket.

The point I'm trying to make is that these new cards "suck" at these price-points because of the fact that the old generation's high-end has been flooded with a new generation, displacing them. If you really want DX11 or something from that generation then I suppose its great..... but I don't even know if that's true.

For example.... I just got a 470 today. I've been playing with it and yeh, it's a very powerful card... so was my 285. I'm having a hard time understanding why I really made the purchase other than really really wanting to get some time in with CUDA 3.0. I can say right now that the upgrade from a 285 to a 470 is less than appreciable in most games unless dx11 is a huge motivating factor.

To answer your first question. What's the most important about a 460? PRICE!!! This card needs to be around the performance of a 465, or at the least be even to a 285 / 280 / 4890 for me to consider it in builds for friends.... otherwise I'd really have to recommend they pick up 2, $100, used GTX 260's and SLI them....
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