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Default Q9450 CPU Temps and Voltage

Ok my Q9450 has always idled high (in the 50s) and I could never understand why. I have a Tuniq Tower heatsink which is supposed to be pretty decent and have tried reapplying thermal paste and reseating it a couple times but it made no difference.

However I noticed my core voltage was high compared to most stock Q9450s, around 1.265 V. Mine is the C1 revision and I have read that those even require even lower voltages. So I disabled the automatic voltage and fooled around with the voltages in the bios and managed to get the core voltage to around 1.168 after vdroop. This dropped the temperatures around 10 C and is definitely a lot less alarming. All seems stable so far as well and under load it tops out around 60 C.

But this still seems high for a Tuniq tower heatsink. So does anyone have any experience with Q9450s and have any tips for setting the optimum voltage. Once I get temps good at stock I would like to overclock it a little.
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