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Default Re: Sniper - Ghost Warrior

I searched all the files and couldn't find anything regarding changing the FOV. I even unpacked all the .pak files and searched all the config files it had. No luck at all.

Well I played it for a little bit more and I have to say the game is very disappointing. From what I have played it is a pretty misleading name for a game. They should have just called it warrior cause it definitely doesn't feel like "sniper" to me. I am running through the game with an M-16 and a couple of other guys and it's not exactly feeling sniper like at all. This part takes me about 15 minutes then I am put into a sniper spot and told to ambush some incoming soldiers and that lasts like 3-5mins. Then I am back with the M-16 and the other two guys to go get to some guy. I promptly quit the game since I started feeling a bit sick in more ways than just physical. Still I feel mislead by the name of the game and the demo. I am just hoping the 2 levels of the demo are not the ONLY actual sniper game play sections. Playing a normal FPS game then suddenly putting you into a crows nest to snipe some targets is NOT a game that should be called "Sniper" IMO.

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