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Default Re: What's most important to you with regards to GTX 460?

After reading the initial reviews I'm confident this will be a good card.... I don't yet know if I can recommend it to someone looking to build a new system though if they're in the sub $200 price-range.... the 5770 still looks pretty good in that realm.

As I've said before the GTX 285 looks too good too in the ~$200 price-range, granted those are all used. Either way though, I still think the older high-end beats these out. If it has to be DX11 and has to be ~$200 though the 460 looks great.... better than the 465 for value and better than the 5850 in general.

I think 2 of the 460's in SLI would be a great performer.... but I'm going to take a guess and say $150 each needs to be the price-point for it to really look like an attractive option to most people.... the 5770's for example are that sweet spot where they outperform a 5850 at the same cost.... twice the space. These 460's in SLI should place just above a 470 judging by the price
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