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Default Re: Q6600 @ 3.4GHz

1 hour of OCCT with no errors, so I guess I'm finally good to be on 3.6 then? In CPUZ It says I got my vcore on 1.47 (bios is on 1.49), and while on load it is 1.41 or so, certainly below 1.45 (thats after vdroop correct?). I'm with 9x400, so will fans really help? I could never imagine how 40mm fans help...

Thanks for all the help btw, Burnt_Ram.
You too XDanger.

I hope it just deasn't explode on me...

Btw, if I set my vcore in the bios to 1.49, is that what the PSU chunks out? If so, why is the difference in cpuz and occt?
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