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Post Sony Unveils New 3D-Capable Cybershot

Sony has unveiled a new Cybershot camera that holds the title of 'World's Smallest 3D Camera'. Coming in 3 models, it seems to have a single lens capable of shooting 3D photographs that can be viewed with the Sweep Multi Angle screen in 3D.
'Sony is focused on being the leader in 3D technology leveraging its expertise to create the best 3D products contents and unique entertainment experience ' said Kelly Davis Director of the Digital Imaging Business at Sony Electronics. 'Sony is making it easy to create personal 3D content that can be enjoyed with friends and family on compatible 3D television systems.'

Like all modern digital cameras, it also shoots video but I can't find any information on if it can shoot 3D Video. Price tags of around $400 would seem to indicate probably not.

via Sony Unveils The World's Smallest 3D Cameras ~

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