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The Card

At 8.25" EVGA's GTX 460 appears to be quite compact. It is also a good deal lighter than the GTX 465 and HD 5830. It's likely to fit into some cases that the larger video cards can't.

Upon removal from the anti-static bag, the cooler is coated withe a couple layers of protective tape. That's right, I said a "couple". Initially I thought there was only one layer, but there was a red "remove protective film before use" sticker that I thought was accidentally attached to the sticker on the cooler itself. It took and email to EVGA and a facepalm to realize that there was a SECOND layer. That's right, dumb reviewers do in fact exist, folks.

The cooler is a no-nonsense design, featuring heatpipes, an aluminum fan-shaped finned heatsink, a very low-noise fan, and a shroud for helping guide the exhaust outside the case.

EDIT: This cooler is more complex, and possibly better than I originally thought. Below is a photo of the GTX 460 without its shroud:

I knew that there were aluminum fans and heatpipes, but I didn't realize that there were also stamped aluminum fins on the heatpipes as well. They do not come in direct contact with the GPU as is the trend with heat sinks these days; they sit on a thin copper plate. Overall it's a good looking solution, and almost makes me want to run it without the shroud, although I'm sure it aids in warm air dispersion.

It does not look like the GTX 460 will be able to accept any existing third-party cooling solutions, so if you've bought a GTX 460 and you want something better than what EVGA provides, chances are you'll have to wait a little while. However if you read on to the temperatures section you may see that at stock voltage, the stock cooler does a more than adequate job.

One thing I would have liked to see (which is present on the EVA GTX 465) is the PCI-E power connectors mounted on the top of the card instead of the end. Having the on the top made for much easier connection. However, the short length and subsequent easier connecting almost makes up for "this little oversight".

Below is a size comparison vs the two compare cards, an EVGA Geforce GTX 465 and a Sapphire Radeon HD 5830. As you can see, the GTX 460 is positively tiny in comparison.

Up Next - Test System

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