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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

I guess I should have rephrased what I said. There's really three cases for the 460 SLI. Cases in games that are slanted toward nvidia, 460 SLI often beats out the 5970 (dirt 2, hawx, metro 2033, world in conflict, far cry 2). Then there's some cases where they are fairly even. And then the third case is the games that are more slanted toward ATI (bad company 2, stalker, etc). Also I found SLI reviews on other sites had slightly higher numbers for the 460 than techpowerup. A lot of techpowerup's benchmarks where the 5970 outperformed seemed almost irrelevant as they were older games and the framerates were ridiculously high (COD4, CoJ 2, COH, etc). These weren't really stressing the GPUs.

I am more inclined to say there are more games out there where performance really matters that favor nvidia and SLI scaling over ATI and crossfire scaling. And the cases where it does come short of a 5970 it's usually a stone throw from it. I think it's also fair to compare the 5970 to 5850s in crossfire. The lower clocks hinder its performance to the point where you couldn't say it matches up to 5870s in crossfire though yes you can overclock it. It certainly lies somewhere in between CF 5850s and 5870s. Also I never said 460 = 5850. It's very clear 5850 is considerably faster 90% of the time. I said SLI tends to scale better than crossfire though obviously this is dependant on the application.

Then finally the price and the heat can't even compare to the 5970. I mean SLI 460s end up being cheaper than a single 480. Also you have to take both cards overclocking ability into consideration. Yes you can overclock the 5970 to get it to perform more like 5870s in CF but it looks like you can push the 460's clocks a lot more and squeeze out some amazing performance increases. Though no doubt the extra heat of having an SLI system might limit it a little.
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