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Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
if I set my vcore in the bios to 1.49, is that what the PSU chunks out? If so, why is the difference in cpuz and occt?
No, The OS reading is correct.

Your vcore is a quite low 1.41v then since the load after droop is the critical voltage ,Judging by your temps you can afford to crank it up a bit more if you need to but I would try to reduce droop also if you can,
but dont remove it, A small vdroop is better than none I say.

Average vcore for Q6600 @ 3.6 is 1.45v judging by this old list...

A couple of little fans on the chipset cooler pipe sink set-up thingum would probably help your mobo live a little longer also, Since they are connected by that one pipe a fan over the SB would also help the NB stay cool I reckon even though you don't really need a fan on the SB
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