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Wink Re: Official NVIDIA GTX 460 Reviews Thread! (GF104 Fermi)

I want to play racing sims and FPS's with three 24" LCD's. Did any reviews come out with numbers that show what 460GTX SLI frame rates are when running triple monitors using Nvidia surround? I am dying to know how it compares to the 480GTX SLI.( Wondering if the smaller 1GB on board memory would impact ultra high resolutions and limit this card in triple monitor setups? I mean if this card can perform at a high level for less then half the price of two GTX480ís, that would put triple screen gaming into the mainstream for sure
Nvidia is pushing the whole 3d thing hard but quite frankly not many people are going to shell out $370+ per120hz 3d monitors + Glasses + 2x video cards. I think Nvidia should put more marketing attention 2D triple monitor setups as games look and play amazing with that feature as its already better then ATI's Eye Infinity.
Any review links or personal feedback from people who have a couple of 460gtx 1GB cards is much appreciated as I am eager to see real world performance numbers.
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