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Default Re: Macpro 3.1 Nvidia 8800GT Freebsd 8.0 amd64 black screen

I tried without NvAGP already.

I recreated the config file and I try the nv driver too and goes blank too.

I compiled the beta version and the stable version with and without Freebsd AGP and with or without all the rest of the options just for testing and still blank screen.

If I install back the Ati card it works with the radeonhd and radeon driver no problem.

When I do startx the screen goes to Energy saving mode, nothing else.

I try to force like 1024x768 and nothing...

I was going to try with a VGA cable instead of DVI just for fun but I don't know if that will change something.


Originally Posted by rnejdl View Post
I'll give a couple of ideas...

Try removing:
Option "NvAGP" "1"

Try removing the xorg.conf file altogether. Does it work with the nv driver? If so, try changing that one line in xorg.conf to nvidia. What options did you compile the driver with?

Rusty Nejdl
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