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Default Re: Macpro 3.1 Nvidia 8800GT Freebsd 8.0 amd64 black screen

Same computer, card, cables and screens different OS (Mac Os X )works perfectly.

Different video card and same computer same cable, same screens works perfectly.

is only when I use the Nvidia card, and Freeebsd.

Actually I will try again the nv driver, because I'm not sure if I really test it or not( I did too many tests that day)( I was thinking on the ati driver).

I will get back to you.

Originally Posted by rnejdl View Post

The black screen with the NV driver narrows things in quite a bit. That means we can stop basically troubleshooting any sort of NVIDIA driver issue and instead focus on output of XOrg or cabling. Go ahead and give the alternate cable a shot and see if you get any display from that. I'm using a DVI cable on my 9600 GT without issue but it sounds like you have something else going on.

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