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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I need SLi'd 8800GTX performance with less heat and less power draw.

The GTX480 can easily offer and exceed the first requirement but fails miserably at the last two.

Same with all but the GTX460 it appears.

I'm still leaning towards the HD5850 but this GTX460 really has my attention.
I'd say the GTX460 is looking decent. I went the HD5870 route and have been happy so far. Either way you should still see an increase in performance, but a major drop in heat. IIRC my 8800GTX SLI pulled 330W at the desktop, and I just checked with the new card and it's at 190W. So I dropped 140W just on idle. Peak load is over 200W difference, with a single HD5870 coming in around 350W versus 560W or so with 8800GTX SLI.

The 8800GTX SLI was nice, but the power management on the newer cards should make a difference not only for the electric bill, but how hot your room is.

As a side note I wouldn't be surprised if you see some price drops on both sides in the near future.
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