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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
I'd say the GTX460 is looking decent. I went the HD5870 route and have been happy so far. Either way you should still see an increase in performance, but a major drop in heat. IIRC my 8800GTX SLI pulled 330W at the desktop, and I just checked with the new card and it's at 190W. So I dropped 140W just on idle. Peak load is over 200W difference, with a single HD5870 coming in around 350W versus 560W or so with 8800GTX SLI.

The 8800GTX SLI was nice, but the power management on the newer cards should make a difference not only for the electric bill, but how hot your room is.

As a side note I wouldn't be surprised if you see some price drops on both sides in the near future.
Kind of what I'm thinking which is why I'm leaning on the side of waiting a bit to purchase. Wanna' see what happens next.
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