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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

For one that type of thing almost always happens when you compare a used version of a top end enthusiast card from an older generation to a performance card from the new generation. But I still disagree that it's not a good value compared to that. For the most part the 460 is faster than the 280 and performs just as good as the 285 or better. A used card is still going to run you around $200 I'd guess and you won't have the warranty. Like you said you also won't have DX11. And also the 280/285 consume more power and produce more heat. And how can you compare dual 280/285s to this card? You definitely won't end up getting two of them for $200. And if you had dual 285's in the first place you were likely not waiting around for a performance card. More than likely ended up getting dual 480s or 470s.
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