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Default Re: Change Usernames

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
I seem to remember you agreeing to be humble on here as it kept you out of trouble.
I am huble but i have to pay homage to the greatness in me.

I can't help it im on that level as greatness like **** i can't think of any thanks alot shaw.

My friend at the gym says im not for real or not realistic cuz i tell him i can kick tysons ass and ali's ass.

To be honest i been quite humble around the house lately cuz its been a not so good place seeing the family members are in shuvim silencer mode and pops is not doing well with his cancer and granny has to cary around n oxygen tank now most of the time but i still have to respect a greater power but if your that greater power, how t do you cool..

I have to admit but the ragjij guy makes damn good points and this guy is like a friend in need on here cuz he knows how to keep things on the steight and nerrow shaws.
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