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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
Sorry to say but this is not that impressive. Dual gtx275's/280's/285's are faster. And cheaper is purchased via the used market. Yes, I know there is no dx11 in the latter, but nothing of great interest uses dx11 anyhow IMHO.

Hold up there buddy.

Now, all of the results for the GTX 275, 280 and 285 are all in single GPU forms. We can compare those to the single GTX 460 for comparison, and it would be easy to conclude that they scale similarly if not identically when put in SLI.

So, where does that put the GTX 460? It is virtually EVEN with the GTX 285; the 285 wins some, the 460 wins some... notice how I used high resolution, high memory usage scenarios too. These are fair comparisons.

So my question is, where do you get off saying that the 275, 280, and 285 are faster than the GTX 460? The 460 looks dead even compared to a 285 but faster than the 280 or 275. It also looks like the GTX 460 does better in newer titles. That bodes well for it in the future.

BTW, those graphs are from the article I posted. Draw your own conclusions, but I think the facts are plain as day. The GTX 460 is an excellent card with virtually identical speed to a GTX 285, which by the way, uses more power and gives off more heat than the GTX 460, and the 460 is a DX11 part.

That makes the GTX 460 better, does it not?

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