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Default Re: GTX 460 vs GTX 470

Originally Posted by Stigma View Post
Raw power is more important, especially if the superclocked 470 is truly 25-30% faster than a superclocked 460. ...but I can't find data to support such a numerical advantage.

Also, I'm curious about the temperatures the 470 I linked runs at. If like other 470s I can expect 90+C at load, I'd likely select a 460, having burned out several other cards from extended use at high temperatures.
The Techpowerup 460 benchmarks show the 25-30% advantage that Madpistol was talking about.

As for the temp issues, I don't see how people are getting in the 90's with their 470's. I don't even see close to those temps on my 480. With a custom fan profile in something like Afterburner the temps are much lower (with lower fan speeds) than the default test temps you see around the web. However, the 460 is going to be significantly cooler than the 470 either way.

Also, I wouldn't count on being able to run Metro 2033 full tilt on either card, so if that's the game you are shooting for performance wise, you might be disappointed with either card.
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