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Default Re: Sniper - Ghost Warrior

Ok i'm re - hired, apologies to the sweet woman

Patch notes:

Updates to Sniper: Ghost Warrior have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Fixed interactions of camouflage system with plants (the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight when hidden in vegetation)
Adjusted AI alertness and seeing (e.g. the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight at long distances)
Tweaked influence of the players posture and movement speed on being spotted by the enemies
Tweaked AI reactions, better behavior in combat situations
Removed over 95% of the static AI scripts during stealth actions and replaced with the improved stealth system
Fixed multiplayer statistics
Adjusted duration of breath-holding
Fixed minor multiplayer maps geometry issues

Optimizations and Stability
Fixed possible random crashes on multi processor systems
Fixed minor stability problems on several hardware configurations
General Fixes/tweaks
Fixed registration of internet profile
Fixed blink after exiting game to menus
Adjusted melee (knife) attack strength
Adjusted damage, accuracy and range of AI weapons
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