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Default Re: GTX 460 vs GTX 470

I'm selling my 275 so I will have hopefully around $150 or so (whatever I can get for it) to put towards a new card.

If I decide to stick with a single gpu solution, I figure I may as well just save up a bit more and snag a 480 and be done with it but I know that the price for performance when compared to the 460 sucks.

My biggest problem is that I WANT a 480 and it's really not about the money to be perfectly honest, it's about knowing what I can get for my money and being left with a sour taste in my mouth knowing that I either got something terrific that doesn't perform as well but is much more practical... or saying reasonable buying be damned and get a 480 now and hope that the 480's drop in price near the end of the year.

Thing is, I doubt they will and knowing that for the price of a 480 I can get much better performance from a pair of 460's is where the 460's (and 470's) are the most attractive to me. I seriously doubt the 480's will drop in price low enough to make me want to buy another one though and that's my biggest problem with those.

the main reason I'm seriously considering the 470 is because I will eventually be running another 24" monitor and would much rather put the $$ towards that than a 2nd $400 card.

In the end though, I'm not really THAT demanding of the framerates but I would like something that can run crysis and metro at 1920 with max or near max settings at a decent frame rate.

The MSI 470 is $280 after rebate. Getting one now and then another (possibly used) near the end of the year seems like the best idea.

But on this page, at the bottom, WTF at the Palit 460 being as fast as a 470???

Back to square one.
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