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Default Re: VdpauDecoderRender() takes unusually long to complete


in my tests I just wanted to make sure that the delays are not caused by other issues in xine-ui/xine-lib, e. g. waiting for XLockDisplay(). The below backtraces seem to rule that out.

So far I haven't tried to reproduce this issue with recordings, but I was told that other people have recordings and can reproduce it even with mplayer (if I recall correctly). What I have recognized so far is that it doesn't appear regularly, so even in a recording it doesn't happen always at the same location. Sometimes I had to watch almost the whole soccer game until one of my watchdogs fired (especially after avoiding the XLockDisplays() which I thought at first caused the delays). Signal strength was good at that time and there were no noticeable errors in the images.

Maybe durchflieger1 can provide further information.

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