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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

Originally Posted by Sowk View Post
Looking at the benchmarks the ati 5850 is the better choice. But both solutions are not quite as fast as the dual 8800gtx's. Maybe very close, but I think the dual gtx would pull ahead in real games.
Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
I see the 1Gb version of the 460 trading blows with the 5850 in the reviews i have seen. I guess it depends on the type of games the person wants to play/settings for eye candy / performance and price. But, the 1 GB version seems quite good for a mainstream solution
I don't need exact 8800GTX SLi performance- just there about. If it's give or take a mere hand full of frames per second I really wont care.

Both the 5850 and GTX460 (1GB) seem to offer this. And the GTX460 seems to be considerably cheaper. However, it does tend to run ever so slightly hotter, and consume more power especially while under load. Though both cards are really close and the GTX460 is considerably cheaper.

So torn.
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