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Default Re: Fedora 13, Xorg 1.8, 9800GT - full-screen video playback causes kernel crash

I can't believe I never thought to check the temperature...

After playing high-def TV with VDPAU acceleration with some other VDPAU videos running in the background and 3D games like Neverball running, (3D acceleration has always worked great in Linux) nvidia-settings reports the GPU's core temperature as never reaching above 85 degrees Celsius. The fan sounds like it's doing its job.

Anyway, I haven't been able to reproduce this crash. Maybe that's because it's temperature-related and the room is now slightly cooler, or because there isn't much on cable TV worth watching anymore, or maybe one of the newer kernel RPMs somehow fixed whatever problem was popping up.

Thanks for the assistance, and thanks especially for Nvidia's continued support of their Linux driver.
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